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Welcome to reesewfans the livejournal community for actress Reese Witherspoon.  She is best known for her Golden Globe role as June Carter Cash on Walk the Line.  Her upcoming projects include Penelope and Rendition.


1. This is a fan community if you like Reese please post, otherwise if you don't leave now.

2. If you want to post pictures then please do, but please them under a lj cut.  Because believe me most people don't like their friends page to be all cluttered and it's also most of the time not dial-up friendly.

3. Reese related Icons and Graphics are allowed but please follow the rules by putting them under a lj cut with at least one as a sample.

4. Not promoting of other communities please, unless you have permission from the a mod.

5. If you're posting something that you think might spoil a movie etc for someone else, use a cut and warn for spoilers. It's a terrible thing to spoil someone that doesn't want to be spoiled.

6. Lastly I want you to enjoy this community. Have Fun!


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